Why Algarve?

The best reasons to choose the South of Portugal for your next trip…

Why travel to Algarve

Here you can find everything you need for the vacations you’ve been dreaming of. Stunning Beaches. Dazzling sunsets. Welcoming local people. Mouthwatering food. Alluring nature. Did we mention the climate? Oh yes, sunny days and warm temperatures all year…

Accept our invitation and come to the Algarve for the holidays you’ll never forget. The southwesternmost tip of Europe is a little bit of heaven where the Atlantic Sea, the sunniest days and the endless sandy beaches come together. A treat for the eyes, soul and tummy. 

In the South of Portugal, the Algarve enjoys of a 200-kilometers coastline framing, more than 200 days of sun and mild winters. Next are the top reasons why the Algarve is the perfect destination this year…


01 | The Sea & Sand Scenario

Algarve is the real deal when it comes to beach destinations, otherwise it wouldn’t have won the 2016 Europe’s Leading Beach Destination award. Here you can find beaches to suit all tastes…from rocky cliff enclosured bay beaches to neverending stripes of sand, not to mention the sand islets of Ria Formosa Natural Park.  Several Beaches in Algarve are constantly awarded in Top Beaches contests in magazines like Huffington Post. Just take a look at our Beaches in Algarve Section and pick your favorite.

02 | More than 300 Days of Sun

It’s hard to beat Algarve’s perfect climate, one of the best in Europe. A typical mediterranean weather, with mild winters (temperatures rarely below 5ºC along the coast) and hot summersSummers are typically dry and daily blessed with no less than 12 hours of sunshine.

Average temperatures in Summer: 

  • maximum –  28 degrees Celsius (82° F)
  • minimum – 20 degrees Celsius (68° F).

03 | The local people’s friendliness

The ‘Algarvios’ (the natives) are friendly and welcoming people. They come from a mixture of the different settlers in the region across time. A lot of influence remained from the Moorish presence, widely seen in the region’s architecture, in elements like bows, chimneys and many others. Body features like a darker skin, many words in the vocabulary and the easy-going lifestyle are also said to be remains of the Moorish influence.

The tradition of working with the sea is still very alive in the coastal areas, alongside with the development of tourism-related activities. Many are sons and daughters of fishermen and shellfish gatherers and have continued with their work.

04 | The food…OMG, the food!

Due to the region’s proximity to the sea, mouthwatering seafood dishes made entirely of fresh food are the Algarve’s ex-libris when it comes to the eating department. Simple unpretentious dishes bursting with flavour that will conquer your mouth and tummy.

But the Algarve is not just sea…you gotta head inland and taste the delicacies of the “serra” (the hills) and “barrocal” (in between coast and inland) areas. Stews, soups and casseroles so tasty and cooked in a “home made style”.

At last but not least, the traditional sweets made with the region’s products like almonds, figs, oranges, eggs and carob. Intense but a treat that matches perfectly with a good cup of coffee…or tea. Check our Eat & Drink in Algarve section for more on the region’s gastronomy. 

05 | Mesmerizing Sunsets

There’s no place like the Algarve coast to watch the most stunning sunsets. Due to it’s geographical position, Algarve fills you with everlasting memories of magical sunsets over the ocean. The photos speak for themselves…

06 | Almost no Language Barrier

Communication is not a problem in Algarve. You’ll understand and be easilly understood in this region as the majority of the population talks english (to some degree). Older individuals may also speak a bit of french or deutch. 

07 | The Region’s Nature

Adventure yourself and explore the amazing wildlife the region has to offer. From countryside walks in dirt trails through woods, trickling streams and rivers, to boat trips to the caves and islands, without missing the amazing birdwatching experiences available, you’ll be in touch with the most natural part of the Algarve.

A must see is the awarded Ria Formosa Natural Park, considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal. A system of coastal lagoons separated from the sea by barrier sand islands that will dazzle you with its idyllic landscapes.

08 | Easy-to-find authenticity

The real deal is still at your reach in the Algarve. Certain cities, villages and places of the Algarve were able to keep their authenticity, way of life and heritage, even with the development the tourism brought. Life here has a special pace and days seem longer.

The true and unspoilt Algarve awaits you… 

09 | You feel safe

You don’t have to be constantly looking over your shoulder or with your eyes on your bags and camera. We’re not saying you can be 100% relaxed but viollent approaches in Algarve are not usual. You can easily go for a walks at night in the city. In some rural parts of the Algarve, people still leave their keys on the door to go to their neighbour house or to the café.


10 | Good Wine

Do discover, taste and enjoy the wines of Algarve. The typical Mediterranean climate is to “blame” for the velvety and fruity flavor, low acidity wines this region proudly produces. And talk about high alcohol content!
Did we mention that many of the region’s wine producers have been awarded for the excellence and quality of their wines? Yes, they have…Check some of the brands in our
Eating and Drinking In Algarve section.