Algarve – How to get there?

Visitors usually arrive to the Algarve by plane, as the region has its own international airport, located near Faro, the region’s capital – The Faro International Airport (Aeroporto Internacional de Faro).

The Airport has regular flights all year long. In winter months, you can find very cheap deals in terms of flights to Algarve, a great opportunity for a small holiday break. Come and enjoy some sunny warm days in plain winter!

You can also reach the Algarve by car, train or bus.

For example, if you flew to Lisbon or Porto (other Portuguese cities) you can always come to Algarve by daily bus and train connections, besides car. You can also arrive coming from the neighbour country, Spain – there are also daily bus connections from Sevilha and Huelva.

Arrived to the airport – and now what?

The Faro Airport is located in the vicinities of Faro city (around 6 kms – 3.7 miles).
Depending on your destination in Algarve, and if you decided against hiring a car at Faro airport, the choices of transportation to your holiday accommodation are a few. You can either go by taxi, airport transfer or by bus.

airplace over faro's castle

Uber and Cabify

Both services are fully available to pick you up at Faro’s Airport and drop you in any place.



Conventional taxis are available 24 hours, directly outside the airport arrivals lounge. They are ready to take you anywhere you need in the Algarve.

The usual taxis vehicles can only transport four passengers and have limited luggage capacity. The majority of taxis use meters but the prices to take you to resorts/hotels are usually fixed. Therefore is always safer to confirm the fare with the driver before starting the run.


Bus and Train

In case you decide for the bus, to take you to your holiday destination once you arrive at Algarve, bear in mind that buses do not serve the Algarve directly from the airport. First, you’ll have to take a bus to the Faro bus central station (located at Avenida da República next to the marina and hotel EVA), and from there you’ll take a different bus to your final destination. In the same way, there are no direct connections to the airport apart from Faro.

This also applies to trains – trains serving the Algarve depart from Faro train station (city center), not from Faro airport. There’s no train connection to Faro Airport.

faro proximo busAt this moment, the only bus connecting Faro airport to Faro bus central station is circuit 16 bus, from Próximo’s company- this circuit connects the city centre to Faro beach (“Ilha de Faro” – Faro island). It goes back and forth, having a bus stop at the airport.

The bus stop at the airport is practically in front of the arrivals lounge, next to the taxis rank, you just have to follow the signs.


BE AWARE: Before choosing bus or train, check if these options are able to get you near your holiday destination. Sometimes they don’t. And if you’re having a late night flight to the Algarve, you may not have them running at the time of your arrival. Weekends and holidays may also be more challenging in terms of public transportation, as some routes may not operate on these days.

Bus and travel distance / time between Faro airport and Faro centre

The bus route from the airport to Faro centre takes around 20 minutes (it may vary, out of normal traffic conditions). You can buy your ticket inside the bus directly to the driver. There are 13 stops in the route, from the airport to the city bus station. From Faro to the airport, the bus stops 15 times.


If you decide to rent a car

Besides taxi, this is the most comfortable choice of transportation to your holiday destination. When you arrive at the airport, you’ll encounter a wide array of car rental options available. Car hire desks will be easy to find. But remember that hiring a car online is always a better and cheaper choice, cause you’ll definitely be able to find the best deals.

For more information on how to rent a car in Algarve, check our Algarve Car Hire section.

And also don’t miss our driving tips and important warnings when moving around by car in the region.


rent a car faro airport

Car Rental Desks at Faro Airport