The amazing combination of a Mediterranean climate, near the sea location and fertile soils makes it possible for the Algarve to have a very rich cuisine, filled with plenty of fresh food.

Built upon a traditional stock of charcoal grilled seafood and meat, and warming stews, soups and casseroles, we ensure you that the region’s cuisine will fill your senses and leave you yearning for more!


that one of the most famous dishes of Algarve is Seafood CATAPLANA, named after the copper cooking wear used, traditionally handmade by local artisans ?cataplana de cobre

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Algarve – different areas, different flavors

The 3 geographically different areas of Algarve (Coast, Hills of Serra Algarvia and Barrocal, in between) make it possible for the region to offer distinct food flavours.


Well-know by its seafood dishes, mainly grilled. Rice dishes made with clams (ameijoas, conquilhas and razor clams) are also very typical and undeniably delicious. …and what a treat to the mouth!


Due to its sea proximity, fish is still present in its dishes. Agriculture and livestock breeding also play a role, contributing to a richer and more varied gastronomy.

SERRA ALGARVIA (Hills of Algarve)

Area far more isolated and difficult to reach, with its cuisine adapted to the local food production – you’ll find many dishes made with pork meat and poultry, as result of domestic breeding. Game dishes are also a treat in this area, during the hunting season.

Vegetables and pulses (beans) are staple foods in the Barrocal and Serra areas, as you’ll be able to see by its usual presence in mouthwatering stews and casseroles.

Seafood Dishes – Don’t miss…

Cataplana de Marisco
Seafood “Cataplana”

Carapaus Alimados
Marinated Horse Mackerel

Xerém (ou Xarém) com Conquilhas
Xerém (region’s maize meal) with Clams

Peixe Grelhado
Grilled Fresh Fish

Sardinhas Albardadas
Battered Sardines

Choquinhos Com Tinta
Fried Cuttlefish (in its ink)

Massada de Peixe
Fish and Pasta Soup

Caldeirada de Peixe
Portuguese Fish Stew

Açorda de Marisco
Portuguese Bread Soup/Stew with Seafood

Grilled Squids, Octopus and Cuttlefish


Bife de Atum de Cebolada
Fried Tuna Steak with Onions

Muxama de Atum
Thin Slices of Cured Tuna

Rice Dishes – Don’t miss…

Arroz de Marisco
Seafood Rice

Arroz de Lingueirão
Razor Clam Rice

Sopa de Conquilhas
Conquilhas Clams Soup

Arroz de Tamboril
Monkfish Rice

Arroz de Safio
Conger Fish Rice

Arroz de Polvo
Octopus Rice

Stews, soups and casseroles – Don’t miss…

Cozido de Repolho à Algarvia
Cabbage Stew, Algarvian Style

Ervilhas à Portimonense
Peas, Portimão Style – with eggs and chorizo

Favas à Algarvia
Fava Bean Stew, Algarvian Style

Cozido de Grão
Garbanzo Bean Stew

Açorda de Galinha com Grão à Algarvia
Bread Casserole/Stew with Chicken and Garbanzo Beans, Algarvian Style

Portuguese Gazpacho

Traditional cakes, desserts and other sweets

The region’s cakes and sweets are very well-known and appreciated by the overwhelming use of regional products like almond, figs, carob, honey, oranges and eggs.  Internationally famous and mouthwatering, nobody resists to these divine sweet treats…come and have a try!

Don’t miss…

Bolinhos de Massapão
Marzipan cakes

Tarte 3 Delícias
Three Flavours Pie  – Almond, Fig and Carob

Figos Cheios de Olhão
Stuffed Figs, Olhão style


Tarte de Alfarroba
Carob Pie

Morgadinho Algarvio
Small cakes made of almond, egg yolk cream and angel’s hair pumpkin jam

Queijinhos de Amêndoa
Almond Cheeses

Torta de Claras e Amêndoa do Algarve
Angel Food Cake Roll with Almonds

Pudim de Laranja
Orange Flan

Dom Rodrigo
Dessert made of egg yolk threads (and cream), almond, cinnamon and sugar

Queijinhos de Figo
Fig Cheeses

Bolinhos de Amêndoa
Almond Cakes

Pudim de Mel do Algarve
Algarve’s Honey Flan

Morgado de Figo
Fig Lord Cake (similar to the Fig Cheeses)

Estrelas de Figo e Amêndoa
Fig and Almond Stars

Torta de Alfarroba
Carob Cake Roll

Torta de Amêndoa
Almond Cake Roll

Morgado de Amêndoa
Almond cake filled with chila pumpkin jam and egg yolk confection

Places where you can try them…

Every local café or bakery shop may have this regional delicacies. At restaurants, specially the ones with traditional food, it may be easier to find the big cakes, to eat sliced, like “Tarte 3 delícias” or “Morgado de Figo”.

Typical Pastry Shop and Cafe in Algarve, PortugalDesserts and cakes in restaurants in the Algarve - South of Portugal's food


Wines and Spirits


Very appreciated and always a good treat to take home and offer to family and friends are the regional fruit liquors – made of fruits and herbs like fig, bitter almond,pennyroyal among others –  and a very strong spirit called Aguardente (meaning “fire water”), that can also be made out of different fruits. One of the most famous aguardentes is Aguardente de Medronho.

Medronho is a fruit of the Medronheiro tree (Arbutus unedo).

Region’s Fruit Liquors

Medronheiro Tree

Medronho fruit

Aguardente de Medronho


The region has also its own wine production tradition, due to its typical Mediterranean climate. The algarvian wines are well-known and appreciated for their fruity flavour, high alcohol content and low-acidity.

Here are some of the region’s wines…

Quinta dos Lopes
Red wine – Quinta dos Lopes (Lagos)

Foral de Portimão 

Red, white and rose wines – Quinta da Penina (Portimão)

Red, white and rose wines – Paxá Wines from Quinta do Outeiro (Lagoa)

João Clara
White, red and rosé wines – Quinta João Clara (Lagoa)

Red and white wines – Herdade dos Seromenhos (Lagoa)

Marquês dos Vales

White, red and rose wines – Quinta dos Vales (Lagoa)

Herdade dos Pimenteis
Red, white and rose wines – Herdade dos Pimenteis (Lagoa)

Red, white and rose wines – Quinta da Vinha (Lagoa)

Monte da Casteleja

Red, white and rose wine – Lagos


Red and white wine – Adega Cooperativa do Algarve (Lagoa)

Barranco Longo
Red, white and rose wines – Quinta do Barranco Longo (Lagoa)

Terras da Luz
Red wine – Quinta dos Correias (Tavira)


Red and white wine – Portimão


Red wine – Quinta Mata Mouros (Lagoa)

Vida Nova
Red, white, rose and sparkling wine – Adega do Cantor (Lagoa)

Red, white and rose wines – Quinta do Francês (Lagoa)